28 - 29.7.2017 (Fri - Sat) 7:45pm
30.7.2017 (Sun) 3:00pm
Yuen Long Theatre Auditorium
$240 $180 $120 $80

4 - 5 August 2017 (Fri - Sat) 7:45pm

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6 August 2017 (Sun) 3:00pm
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Additional Performance 5 August 2017 (Sat) 3:00pm BOOK NOW!
Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium
$280 $220 $160 $100

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Steaming hot buns, freshly brewed tea.
We’ve got a table at Lung Fung for you!

The Hong Kong Dance Company Children’s and Youth Troupes along with professional dancers will take over the delicious world of Cantonese dim sum, bringing their dance talent to a heartwarming tale full of laugh-out-loud moments.

Featuring dancing teacups, saucers and dim sums, this story explores the city’s yum cha culture, which has tied generations of Hongkongers together. Grandma, an excellent dim sum chef who built her own teahouse, Lung Fung, which is always full to the brim. But still, popularity can’t fight rocketing rent.

On its final day, Grandma’s greatest wish is to sip tea and enjoy dim sum at Lung Fung with her granddaughter. Alas, the little girl is caught between tutorials and exams, leaving Grandma disappointed.

Two pieces of dim sum feel sorry for
Grandma, and take her granddaughter back to the high time of teahouse culture. Filled with reminiscence and great excitement, the young girl even gets to meet her Grandma in her youth!

Concept/Artistic Coordinator/Choreographer
Xie Yin

Artistic Coordinators
Cai Fei,
Ke Zhiyong, Carmen Yau

Cai Fei,
Ke Zhiyong, He Chaoya, Zhan Qian, He Yongning, Tsai Yuen-on, Chan Kin-chiu, Lee Hoi-tung, Kong Lai-ming, Zhang Yan, Hu Xiaoou

Carmen Yau, Li Xiaomeng, Kwong Lai-ping, Libby Liu, Wong Kuk-li, Wong Cheng-meng, Iris Sun, Tang Xin, Tung Ka-wing, Leung Hiu-lam

Guest Performer
Helen Tam

Wong Haoran

Theatre Instructor
Mandy Yiu

Music Director & Composer/Lyricist
Ben Cheung

Set Designer
Angelica Fung

Costume Designer
Bacchus Lee

(By kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

Lighting Designer
Alice Kwong

Digital Image Designer
Jason Wong 

International Arts Carnival 2017 programme

Creative Partner


Pre-performance Activities

Dim Sum Steamer Party Look Design Competition

Result Announcement

Winners will be notified individually by 23 June