Programme 1

14-15.12.2018 (Fri-Sat)   7:45PM
15-16.12.2018 (Sat-Sun)   3:00PM

Programme 2
19-21.12.2018 (Wed-Fri)  7:45PM

8/F Platform, Hong Kong Dance Company, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

$210 Free seating  (Programme 1/ Programme 2)

Tickets available at ARTMATE 

*Suitable for aged 6 or above
*Latecomers and audiences who leave during the performance will only be admitted at a suitable time.
*Programme and artists are subject to change

Patrons may enjoy only one of the discounts in each transaction

Discount Scheme
15% off - Programme 1 + Programme 2
10% off - Each purchase of 10 - 19 standard tickets
20% off Each purchase of 20 or more standard tickets
50% off Full-time Students, people with disabilities and the minder, people aged 60 or above and CSSA recipients
20% off Friends of HKDC Prestige Members
10% off Friends of HKDC Classic Members

*All discount prices to be rounded up to the nearest dollar

Every year, Hong Kong Dance Company invites artists from all over the world to share their masterpieces in 8/F Platform. For two consecutive weeks in December 2018, the 12th anniversary of 8/F Platform, we will present works from Korea, Israel, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

All these pieces look at relationships among family, friends and lovers, trust and belonging, emotion, undetermined life directions and entrenched habits... It becomes individual to the dancer, yet connects deeply with the audience. The dancers use their bodies to express their inner melody and colour, evoking stirring images of their lives and memories.

Programme 1


Award (Choreographer): 4th Beijing International Ballet & Choreography, NCPA Special Award
Company: Momuro Movement Lab (Korea)
Choreographer/Performers: Kyum Ahn, Gayoung Lee

The male-female relationship has turned into a habit. Day by day, year by year, it’s lost all meaning. We try to work it out, but the gulf between us becomes even greater. Yet we keep on trying, in the hope of creating a better future.

Pishpesh, Will Arrive

Award (Pishpesh, Will Arrive): 1st Prize in the Germany Hannover International Choreography Competition and 3rd Prize in the Dance International Choreography Competition of MASH in Israel
Company: SOL dance Company (Israel)
Choreographer/Performer: Eyal Dadon
Performers: Tamar Lee, Bar Lev, Shay Partush, Mouad Bouayad

A dance piece about what it means to be human, to be a man or a woman, or even just to be ourselves. If we could freeze a certain moment to allow observation from various angles and various moments, ,would we perceive a different meaning?

A delightful and satirical piece.

Paper People

Zhiren Xiao (Guangzhou) Awards (Choreographer): Silver Award in the 32nd Germany Hannover International Choreography Competition and Finalist in the Masdanza Festival – Choreography Contest 2018(Spain)
Choreographer/Performer:Zhiren Xiao (Guangzhou)
Performers:Yin Zou, Yao Zhou, Wei Dai

We’re paper people
Our expressions unformed and hazy, our emotions hollow
Slowly enjoying the comedy in the tragedy
We float hither and thither like the shadow of a leaf on a tree
Or sand and foam washed along by the river .


Programme 2

Bon 4 Bon

Company: Chang Dance Theatre (Taiwan)
Choreographer: Eyal Dadon
Performers: Chang, Chien Hao; Chang, Chien Chih; Chang, Chien Kuei; Change, Ho Chien

Choreographed by Israeli artist Eyal Dadon and performed by the four Chang brothers together for the first time, this piece reflects on the value of family, long-term relationship, trust, home and memories.

In Search of…

Awards (Zhu Zhuoran): The Committee Special Award at the 13th Seoul International Dance Competition and The Silver Award (Folk Dance Choreography) at the 14th Seoul International Dance Competition
Concept/Choreographer/Performer: Zhu Zhuoran
Associate Choreographer/Performer :  Wang Wenjie
Music Arrangement/Keyboard:  TSE Tai-shun
Guest Korean Haegeum Performer: Jin Zhe
Drum:Jin Zhe, Zhu Zhuoran

In search of completion, all I find is regret
My love, do you feel my wordless melancholy?
Life and death are inevitable
Whatever our regrets,
we have no choice in the end but acceptance