27.6 - 5.7.2020

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

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A Production by Cheung Fei Fan and Lau Wing Tao
Thirteen years after the award-winning production of Border Town, the alliance is back to co-produce this original musical  ​    


Our racing hearts resonate with the songs and dance Our unbreakable will defies our fate in these unsettling times  

In the late 1890s, ships from around the world come and go, transforming Hong Kong from a little fishing harbour into an important trading port. Chan Yat-sui, a young man from Chiu Chow, travels to Hong Kong alone, determined to seek his fortune in this paradise. Through sheer dedication, he rises from the lowly status of a coolie at the docks to make a name for himself as  the owner of a rice company.

In 1920, a serious rice shortage breaks out in Hong Kong, allowing profiteering by the rice industry led by Yue Siu-hung, and causing the people to suffer dreadfully. Chan must make a choice between profit and justice, and saves citizens’ lives with the help of the female pirate Tsui Lou-hoi.

By 1941, when the city stands at the brink of failure, Chan’s life has become deeply intertwined with Hong Kong.


Playwright & Lyricist: Cheung Fei Fan

Composer, Arranger & Music Director: Lau Wing Tao

Co-directors: Yang Yuntao; Chu Pak Him

Main Cast: Angus Chan (Special Starring), Xie Yin, Chen Rong