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Hong Kong Dance Company x Actors’ Family Grand original musical A Tale of the Southern Sky

15 Jan 2020

Grand Dance Drama The Moon Opera

27 Dec 2019

Dancing World - The Story of a Blissful Tribe

21 Dec 2019

Hong Kong Dance Company ‘8/F Platform’ Jing - Dance, Nature, and Traces of Life

20 Dec 2019

Hong Kong Dance Company ‘8/F Platform’ Jing - Life Reflections within the Pulses of Our Hearts

04 Dec 2019

Grand Dance Drama "L’Amour Immortel" - Triumphant Return for the Third Run in Hong Kong!

28 Nov 2019

Hong Kong Dance Company – Inaugural Artistic Interdisciplinary Research Study:Research study on Chinese martial arts and Chinese dance

24 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Dance Company Artists-in-Residence School Programme Unleashed the Potential of Talented Young Persons

20 Sep 2019

Press Release_Hong Kong Dance Company_Dance of Strings

18 Jul 2019

Hong Kong Dance Company’s The Legend of Mulan Tugged on Belarusian Audiences’ Heartstrings

03 Jul 2019