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E-ticket: $80 (6-hour time limit for playing)
Available dates of E-ticket: 11.12.2020-21.1.2021
Available dates of online streaming: 21.12.2020-21.1.2021

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Online Streaming of Grand Original Dance Drama
Mazu the Sea Goddess

A Noble Soul Calms the Raging Seas

A girl named Lin Mo is born on the ancient island of Meizhou in Fujian province, and grows up living in harmony with the ocean. When an epidemic breaks out, taking the lives of countless fishermen, Lin Mo risks her life gathering medicinal herbs from the mountains to save the other villagers. One day, a tempest sweeps in. Legend has it that a young girl must be sacrificed to appease the Dragon King of the seas and calm the waves. To save the fishermen, Lin Mo throws herself into the sea, where she is transformed into a red ray of light guiding their way home. From this time on, Lin Mo is celebrated as Mazu the Sea Goddess, guarding the vast seas and guiding her people safely home.

Mazu the Sea Goddess is a new dance drama directed and choreographed by National First Class Artist Yan Hongxia. Joining forces with top-notch designers, Mazu’s pure and noble character and the accumulative culture and values of coastal folklore are vividly portrayed.

Chief Director/Choreographer: Yan Hongxia (National First Class Artist)

Director/Choreographer: Zhang Yuan

Playwright: Cao Lusheng

Music Director/Composer: Chen Ruoping

Set Designer: Jan Wong

Costume Designer: Zhang Yueer

Lighting Designer: Yeung Tsz-yan

Digital Image Designer: H2o