29-30.7.2016 (Fri – Sat) 7:45pm

30-31.7.2016 (Sat - Sun) 3:00pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

$280 $220 $160 $100

 Hong Kong Dance Company Children’s and Youth Troupes  X The Hong Kong Children’s Choir 


Children’s Dance Drama

Saturday Whispers


To get to the top, child prodigies never stop!


09:00 Piano class. 11:00 Painting class. 13:00 English oral class. 15:00 Swimming class. 17:00 Maths class. 19:00 Etiquette class … All kinds of extracurricular classes that make Saturday, the sixth “school day” one that is also called “training day for super children” by parents looking to make their kids top students. And of course, this is done by enrolling them in additional tutorials so they will compete better and set off as winners from the starting line.


In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Children’s and Youth Troupes collaborate with the Hong Kong Children’s Choir for Saturday Whispers, a heartwarming dance drama that discusses love and expectations between parents and children. Some 200 young and very talented dancers and singers invite the audience to listen to the secrets of growing children, as told through dance, song and theatrical acts with the help of charming costumes, stage design, props – and a clever robot with downloadable apps that give kids instant knowledge and learning abilities!


Concept    Xie Yin

 Artistic Coordinator / Choreographer   Cai Fei

Choreographers / Instructors    Ke Zhiyong, Wu Kam-ming, Carmen Yau, Lee Hoi-tung, Hu Xiaoou, Instructors of the Children’s and Youth Troupes      

Guest Actress / Theatre Instructor    Mandy Yiu

Performers    HKDC Children’s and Youth Troupes

Choir    The Hong Kong Children’s Choir

Playwright    Wang Haoran

Music Director / Composer    Yin Ng

Lyricist    Jessie You

Set Designer    Allan Tsui  

Costume Designer    Bacchus Lee*By kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Lighting Designer    Yeung Tsz-yan

Video Designer    Jason Wong


Children's Dance Drama "Saturday Whispers" Happy Family Package!